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Prayers to Nike

This is a collection of prayers, paeans and hymns to the Goddess. The collection is compiled from ancient and contemporary sources and it features prayers from the Nike Story, the untold mythological story of the Goddess. We accept prayer submissions to the Goddess at the foot of the page and we reserve the right to publish the finest amongst these so that others may benefit from a recitation.

Golden blest Nike
Take us to victory
We toil daily like the bees
Bestow on us the sweet honey
Of triumphs and of trophies
Charge our chariots strong & sturdy
Vanquish without any mercy
Enemies of our valiant army
And give to us a divine glory
Furnished with medallions & jewelry
Everything that is worldly
Is only ours by your decree
We worship thee on bended knee
We take a vow, we guarantee
Our devotion and our duty
Take us to victory
O’ Nike!

Written by Swan

To Nike,

    Fumigation from Manna.

O' powerful Nike, by men desired,
   with adverse breasts to dreadful fury fired,
Thee I invoke, whose might alone can quell
   contending rage and molestation fell.
‘Tis thine in battle to confer the crown,
   the victor’s prize, the mark of sweet renown;
For thou rulest all things, Nike divine!
   And glorious strife, and joyful shouts are thine.
Come, mighty Goddess, and thy suppliant bless,
   with sparkling eyes, elated with success;
May deeds illustrious thy protection claim,
   and find, led on by thee, immortal fame!

Fearless Nike by Deviantartist Datzkale.

Our goddess Nike, as we have spent our
Lives struggling in order to find success,
We pray that you will help this very hour,
And bless us with the gifts of your noblesse.

Each wants to wear the crown that you provide,
To know, and it be known, that we are great;
Though, each crown given means some are denied,
Answering to those is the winner's fate.

Your wings, also, give us cause for dreaming,
Their beauty inspires us when times are dry;
That we can be more than mean gives meaning,
We too can spread our wings and soar the sky.

In wisdom and in strength, as we acquire,
Give us the victory that we desire.

Written by Bryan

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