Nike is the Greek expression for 'Victory'.
I am goddess Nike, the golden blest goddess of Victory, and I welcome you to my website where you will learn about my life & the world I live in.



Eudaimon is the Greek expression for 'Good Spirit'.
As Eudaimon, I guide the human world with my philosophy, which is summed up by the phrase:
May victory nurture you & may defeat nourish you.



Theia is the Greek expression for 'Goddess'.
As Goddess, I have been involved in divine battles, deep intrigues & many dramatic turn of events & here you will discover the truth behind the myths.

A goddess dedicated to success. A website dedicated to the goddess.

Who is Goddess Nike

Who is Nike

Find out the meaning of my name, about my family, my allies and my enemies, what I look like and the real story of Athena's birth.

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What is Goddess Nike

What is Nike

Find out what Victory means, what my roles are, what the Olympic Games and War are about and the difference between a goddess & a spirit.

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When is Goddess Nike

When is Nike

Find out when and where in mythology I feature, my favourite historical moments and experience a day in the divine life of a Goddess.

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Where is Goddess Nike

Where is Nike

Find out where I was born, where I spent my early childhood, where I currently reside and where the special places are for me.

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Why is Goddess Nike

Why is Nike

Find out why people worship me, why Alexander the Great was my devotee, why ethics is ever important and why religion is, increasingly, less so.

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How is Goddess Nike

How is Nike

Find out how I am manifest in the world, read about stories of victory and success, and how to become a shining example for yourself and everyone else.

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Latest articles

  • Goddess Nike and the Olympic Games

    In 'Nike & the Olympics' we explore the ideas of Excellence, Glory & Strife that underpin the great Games.

  • Goddess Nike and War

    In 'Nike and War' we understand the myth of Ares, God of War, and how he relates to Nike, Goddess of Victory.

  • Goddess Nike and Ethics

    In 'Nike and Ethics' we delve in to the lives of Aristotle and his prodigious student, Alexander the Great.

  • The Swoosh Story

    In 'The Swoosh Story' we chart the history of the world's most recognizable brand: Nike Inc.

  • Goddess Athena's Birth Story

    In 'Athena's Birth Story' we learn about one of Greek mythology's deepest intrigues.

  • Goddess Nike in Numbers

    In 'Nike in Numbers' we have fun using simple gematria to equate Goddess Nike with Victory.

  • Goddess Nike and the Armenian Highland

    In 'Nike and the Armenian Highland' we locate the goddess's birthplace & explain the geography of the region.

  • Formula Love: The Nicole and Lewis Story

    In 'Formula Love', the Nicole and Lewis story, we witness a Victory inspired by the power of Love.

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